E Sep 2015

A global look towards the future

Dear Readers, here we are again with an issue full of very interesting subjects. After a deep article about the brand new Frecciarossa 1000 we would like to present you another Trenitalia’s quality service on standard lines: Frecciabianca. We spoke about it in our “Interview” with Adriano Scapati, Engineer, Trenitalia’s Frecciabianca Brand Manager.

Technology & Innovation lets you discover: “the methodologies for the hauled mass increase of freight trains in accordance with Fiche UIC 421” in “Science”.

Rail transport covers only a small share of European freight movements. In order to extend the market, breakthrough innovations seem to be needed, involving both technical and organizational changes, so we give a look to the “potentials of technological innovations” in our “Economy” section. Last but not least another deep technical description of Frecciarossa with the third article dedicated to the ETR 1000.

This month we travel to Tunisia: the “Focus On” shows you one of the highest developed and best-structured railway networks on the African continent, a strategic infrastructure serving the country’s economy, run by SNCFT (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens – Tunisian Railways).

The “Special” introduces the world of high-speed trains. A deep market analysis supported by the words of two important international giants and a roundup of the most recent productions offered by the main players in this sector. For the good result of this “Special” we have to thank in particular two companies such as Bombardier Transportation Italy in the person of Mr. Luigi Corradi, Chairman and CEO and Alstom with Mr. Luigi Musso, Main Line Product Director Alstom Transport. They both gave us precious information to support the market data.

Another important step in the renewing of our magazine is the introduction of new articles dedicated to different subjects such as the projects, production and ambitions of big and small firms of the rail world. That’s why I am really pleased to introduce the “company profile”. Our first meeting is with ITT Interconnect Solutions through an interview with the Market Director Rail and Power, Mr. Lorenzo Bonadeo.

Don’t forget to give a look to our News and Agenda sections where you can find the latest affairs around the world and the coming conferences and exhibition to mark on your personal agenda.

Have a nice trip!

by Anna Celenta