E May 2015

A speedy trip named “Mennea”

Dear readers, this month Railway Engineering dedicates its cover and the main article – Focus on  (p. 42 ) to the first trip of “Mennea”, the brand-new Frecciarossa 1000 (ETR 400), inaugurated by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the 25th April (a symbolic date for Italy, as it coincided with the 70th Anniversary of Liberation from Nazi-fascist dictatorship).The eminent passenger travelled from Milano Centrale to Roma Termini together with some other important authorities of the Italian Government and of FS Group. In the article our journalist Franco Tanel deeply describes the new train built in Pistoia by the TJV formed by AnsaldoBreda and Bombardier and which is coming into effect on 14 June. Maurizio Gentile, RFI CEO is the main character of the Interview (p. 4). He speaks about the Group and lingers on the short- and long-term investments. With the Special (p. 49) we visit one of the best-managed and most groundbreaking regions of Italy: Trentino Alto Adige. The interview with the Director of STA, Joachim Dejaco, shows the activities of the local company which handles all the works on the railway infrastructure in Alto Adige and rebuilt the Val Venosta line, which now carries almost 2 million passengers a year. Thanks to the collaboration with CIFI this month we won’t miss our important date with three very interesting technical articles. Technology & Innovation shows a “Field test of lime treatment of clay soils for railways and road works” (Science p. 15); “The French High- Speed Line” (Economy p. 27)  and last but not least Skill (p.34) with the “Tangential Traction”: the electric traction system at the beginning of the twentieth century presented by Messrs Dulait, Rosenfled and Zelenay. “Made in Italy” (p. 56) our new article dedicated to the products and great ideas of Italian companies illustrates the innovative system Felix, the first robot – built by Loccioni Group – able to measure automatically the conditions of railway deviators. The News (p. 57) from the world and the Agenda (p. 64) with the most important conferences and exhibitions from June to October close this very rich issue.

Have a nice business trip with Railway Engineering!

by Anna Celenta