I Oct 2013
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Consultancy services in the railway sector: when it’s time to turn to an expert

Irreplaceable support not only in the development of new products but also for solving problems which may arise sooner or later. And someone to whom even lawyers and attorneys turn.

Rolling stock manufacturers, infrastructure owners, not to mention rail undertakings and public rail transportation management companies, all need, for certain particular activities or situations, the support of external professionals who have a wealth of experience and skill. Professionals who often carry out this activity alongside their university teaching and research jobs.

We met up with Professor Andrea Bracciali, lecturer for the course on Rolling Stock Design and Manufacturing, which is part of the Master’s Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence, and founding member and owner of AB Consulting Sas, which operates above all in the rail sector.

Professor Bracciali is considered one of the biggest expert consultants in the sector and has worked not only for Gruppo FS Italiane, but also with several regional railways (including narrow gauge railways) and local public transport administrations to tackle problems relative to tramways and metros. Furthermore, he has also dealt with historic trains.

Overseas he has carried out various activities concerning rolling stock and, with regards infrastructure he has worked with SNCF, the French state railways.

At the same time he has provided consultancy services for the most important rolling stock manufacturers both in Italy and abroad.

He is often called upon to collaborate as a technical expert in court proceedings dealing with railway accidents.

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