I Mar 2013

Here is how we have created the most advanced high-speed system in Europe

The Managing Director of Gruppo FS Italiane tells us what completion of the biggest infrastructure built in Italy since the war means for the Ferrovie Italiane and the country as a whole and gives us a preview of things to come, from the possibility of being quoted on the Stock Exchange, to the new high-speed lines and the Frecciarossa 1000 – “the most beautiful train in the world”.

Railway Engineering: Engineer Moretti, what does realization of the high-speed system mean for rail transport and more in general, for mobility in Italy as a whole?

Mauro Moretti: The high-speed system is the most important infrastructural work to be built in this country since the war. Over one thousand kilometres of track serving 65% of the Italian population and the polycentrism of our urban transport system. As early as the late ‘80s it became obvious that the existing network would soon be saturated with too many trains running at different speeds all using the same tracks: long-distance, regional, metropolitan and freight.

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