I Nov 2012

Italcertifer world leading certification body

Over the last few years international activities have exceeded those in Italy.

The company belonging to Gruppo FS (Italian State Railways Group) is the only one to have certified a high-speed line outside its own country: now, after its job in Turkey, it is certifying the Mecca – Medina high-speed rail link in Saudi Arabia.

Over the last few years Italcertifer has evolved radically: from a body involved in testing and research within the Gruppo FS to a company operating on an international level in the sector dealing with Project Safety Verification and Validation Certification for public-sector contracting. The rigour and expertise which the company has always adopted when carrying out its activities have rapidly catapulted it to the top of the sector, allowing it to obtain highly prestigious work orders for example in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arabian Emirates, India and China.

At the same time it has developed an activity of equal regard which is of interest to companies involved in building railway components and superstructures. We had the pleasure of meeting the chairman and managing director of Italcertifer, Engineer Carlo Carganico who told us all about the evolution of this company with his usual renowned enthusiasm.

RE: Mr. Carganico, can you give us a brief “picture” of Italcertifer S.p.A.? Who are the partners in this very special Joint Stock Company, what is it and what does it do?

Carlo Carganico: Italcertifer was founded in 2001, initially its statutory aim focused on research and certification activities for guided transport components, systems and subsystems…

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