F Nov 2014
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Actuality – Italferr, 30 years of success

CEO Matteo Triglia gives us a summary of the last three decades and launches challenges for the future.

A success story covering three decades and destined to last for many years to come, Italferr is proof that competence and professionalism, together with inventiveness and the ability to dare, always looking beyond the limits of usual activities, are values which can make a company a reference point for the world. If the Italian high-speed network is held to be a world-class achievement, this is partly due to Italferr, thanks to whom in this sector there is now an industrial supply chain which obtains work orders all over the world. A piece of “Made in Italy” we can truly be proud of. We met up with Italferr’s CEO, Matteo Triglia, who gave us a summary of the last thirty years and told us about future aims. 

Railway Engineering: Mr. Triglia, on 25 October 1984, Italferr was founded. Thirty years later it is the biggest Italian engineering company in the transport sector (and not only) and operates both in Italy and abroad. How would you sum up the last three decades?

Matteo Triglia: Without doubt the last three decades have given positive results. In an era such as today’s, characterized by an increasing fragmentation and discontinuity of values, Italferr represents a story of excellence, marked by a constant growth in human and professional values. In the 20th century, Einstein said: “Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. For all crises bring progress.[...] It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born, as well as discoveries made and big strategies”. So, to sum up the last 30 years, I can definitely say that Italferr’s history is similar to that of other Italian excellences, achieving important results over time and courageously projecting itself towards the future with the ability to respond to increasingly more complex needs and demands, especially in the international market.

Franco Tanel

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