I Jan 2013
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Italferr: leader in railway infrastructure engineering

It has already worked in over 50 countries throughout the world. The experience of the Italian High Speed system and the upgrading of the conventional rail network with state-of-the-art technologies place it among the engineering élite.

It is considered one of the most authoritative railway engineering companies in the world: it has designed and directed the construction of the High Speed system in Italy, which boasts absolute technological excellences; it has worked abroad in over fifty countries, from those of the Mediterranean to Kazakhstan and even as far as Australia for public and private clients of primary importance. This jewel in Italy’s crown is called Italferr and it is a company that belongs to Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (Italian State Railways Group). Mr Renato Casale, engineer and CEO of Italferr, accompanied us on an exploration of an enterprise that never fails to amaze for the way in which it has succeeded in establishing itself in such a difficult market with such tough competitors. Eng. Casale receives us at the company’s new premises in Rome: a modern, functional building, not far from the city centre. Splendid – elegantly black and white – giant photos hanging on the walls elevate the railway infrastructures designed and engineered to magnificent architectural elements.

Railway Engineering: Eng. Casale, could you begin by telling us the story of Italferr. When and how was it founded?

Renato Casale: Italferr was set up in 1984: it is 100% controlled by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and, at the outset, it was a company created to work primarily abroad…

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