E Jan 2013

Railway engineering excellence from Italy to Brazil

With the start of the new year we continue our journey around the world and go toBrazil, a highly diversified country in a state of considerable development.

There are many things about Brazil we could talk about, but let’s begin by outlining the current situation both in terms of rail and urban transport systems. Read our Focus On column and you will discover that the rail network inBrazilis the biggest inLatin America, despite the density per surface unit being very low. However, in truth out of over 29,000 km of existing railway, approximately 9,000 km are unusable and a further 10,000 km see the transit of no more than one train a day.

The Brazilian government has shown a strong interest in backing the development of the railway network to help sustain the country’s economy. Consequently it has launched a plan to construct 10,000 km of new lines over the coming years, also in view of the two huge events of worldwide significance they are due to host: the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Furthermore, in this issue we will follow the story of how Italian companies in the sector are operating around the world thanks to their engineering excellence, with an article dedicated to Italferr, leader in railway infrastructure design, and its overseas activities.

We talked to Engineer Renato Casale who told us how the experience Italferr has gained in designing high speed lines and urban rail nodes in Italy has allowed it to acquire extremely complex expertise which is much sought after on the international market, something which has allowed the company to work in over fifty countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Arab states.

On the subject of Italian railway engineering excellence around the world, we couldn’t not talk to Engineer Luigi Morisi, Secretary-General of the CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani -ItalianCollegeof Railway Engineers) which works to cultivate and support this expertise.  You can read in the article published in the Special section how the CIFI has been a reference point for training Italian engineers (and not only) for over a century. And the success enjoyed by Italcertifer and Italferr abroad are a fine example.

Enjoy your read.