E Mar 2015

Railway Engineering is turning the page

Dear Readers, As you will have noticed on picking up your latest copy of Railway Engineering, something’s changed: in 2015, after five years of publishing, we’ve decided to turn the page and give the magazine a new graphic and editorial look. Starting with the masthead, “Railway Engineering”, which now has a more modern and crisp design which is easier to read and intuitive.The interviews, as well as the technical articles (which are still top-notch) have been made pleasanter to read, with references made to some of the more important points of the topic being discussed. And that’s not all, we’ve also included some added details in the editorials themselves, highlighted in clear and defined call-out boxes using a different but just as easy to read font. However, we haven’t stopped at graphic restyling. In fact, as of issue number 31, we’ve already introduced a new section: “Made in Italy”. This is a page dedicated to the latest or consolidated Italian products, presented directly by their manufacturers which, in this way, can “export” their ideas and make them known worldwide. This section will be inaugurated by Dot System with its innovative TrainPad (p. 56). But this is not the only new section, future issues will reveal even more interesting editorials that will encourage exports and awareness of new Italian and foreign products which revolve around the rail sector. In short, the new Railway Engineering will become a real business tool for companies wishing to expand their market. In this issue, we will be talking yet again about RFI, with an interesting interview with Mr. Orazio Iacono, engineer and director of Trenitalia’s regional passenger division (p. 4). The article also discusses the new regional “fleet”. In collaboration with the CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani – Board of Italian Railway Engineers) we will continue to develop the technical section too, with our Technology & Innovation; an indispensable tool for sector operators which as of this issue will be divided into “Science” (p. 15), “Economy” (p. 28) and “Skill” (p. 34). Focus On will be stopping at the “station” of Myanmar and last but not least (p. 42), you will find our Special (p. 49) where Mr. Barra Caracciolo, engineer and managing director of Ferrovienord reveals a project he is personally very attached to: the first energy recovery substation in Lonate-Pozzolo. Which leaves us with nothing more to do than wish you a pleasant read of our new Railway  Engineering!

by Anna Celenta