S Jan 2013
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The CIFI – a reference point for Italian engineers for over a century

Training, diffusion, knowledge: in other words, all-round railway culture. What expertise do railway engineers have, what part do they play in the innovation which over the last few decades has radically transformed the railways all over the world? And furthermore, what is their role in the development of the Italian rail industry?

We spoke to Mr. Luigi Morisi, an engineer who knows his Italian colleagues very well because for a number of years now he has held the role of Secretary General of the CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani – College of Italian Railway Engineers), the Italian association which brings together professionals from this sector and whose chairman is the Managing Director of Gruppo FSI, Mauro Moretti. Until the end of December 2012 Morisi also holded another important role, that of Chairman of the Assifer/ANIE, (Associazione dell’Industria Ferroviaria – the Italian Railway Industry Association). This double appointment gives him a truly all-round vision over the world of the railways, not just in Italy, and the cross-section he draws for us during his interview manages to put some of the lesser known, though by no means less interesting, aspects of the railway sector, into focus.

Railway Engineering: Mr. Morisi, what exactly is the CIFI and what does it do? How many engineers and experts belong to it?

Luigi Morisi: The CIFI is a truly historical cultural organization being founded way back in 1899, even earlier than the Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways) in other words, which was established in 1905…

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