S May 2012

The Cinderella of the Apulia railways turns into a princess

The Chairman, Matteo Colamussi, focuses strongly on the rail company’s new course of action.

The Ferrovie Appulo Lucane (FAL) network stretches between Apulia and Basilicata, linking the cities of Bari, Matera and Potenza. It is run by Ferrovie Appulo Lucane s.r.l. which, as well as providing rail services, also manages an extensive interurban bus network to complete and integrate a full range of services for the inhabitants of the two regions.

The FAL railway lines cover a total of 183 km. The lines are all 950 mm narrow gauge track with diesel traction. The FAL, as an autonomous company, was established on 1 January 2001 from the division of the Ferrovie Calabro Lucane into two separate companies, the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane which were given the Puglia and Basilicata lines to operate and the Ferrovie della Calabria which runs the narrow gauge lines in the Calabria region. The company took over from the Gestione Commissariale Governativa delle Ferrovie Appulo Lucane ed Autoservizi Integrativi (Governmental Commissarial Management of the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane and Integrative Road Services) established in 1990. In that year, Law 160 of 1989 had created separate regional catchment areas for public transport, dividing up the lines which were transferred from the State to the Gestione Commissariale Governativa Ferrovie Calabro Lucane in 1963. The network was built between 1915 and 1934 by the Società Italiana per le Strade Ferrate del Mediterraneo (Italian Company for Railroads in the Mediterranean) with the idea of linking up the main coastal lines to the internal areas of Calabria, Basilicata and Apulia. Leading the FAL today is Matteo Colamussi, Chairman of the Board of Directors whom we met to find out more about the rail company, how it works today and to have a preview of the plans for its future.

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